Moisture Control Service

Moisture Control Service

Excessive moisture in your crawl space may cause a variety of problems not only in this area but throughout your whole home. All of the moisture trapped in your crawl area may attract bugs, mildew, and other issues, causing even more damage. To avoid this, you'll need reliable moisture management solutions. But what can you do if you have water damage in your crawl space? Well, you can count on well-established and experienced contractors of My Crawlspace pros for your moisture issue.

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Signs Your Crawl Space Needs Moisture Control

Signs Your Crawl Space Needs Moisture Control Service

Many homeowners may not have easy access to their crawl space. Then how will you know if there is moisture in your crawl space? There are a few apparent indicators of water damage in the crawl space that the homeowners can look out for:

  • Smells Stinky- If you notice a strange odor on your first level, it's a sure indicator that moisture is trapped in your crawl space. 
  • Growth of Mold, Mildew, and Fungi- Mold and mildew will grow where there is a lot of moisture and humidity. These fungi can be harmful to the health of your family. They may quickly spread throughout your home, causing burning or watery eyes, sore throats, fevers, coughing, and skin rashes.
  • Leaks- Standing water in your crawl space may permeate into your walls through the cracks and gaps. This results in noticeable leakage, which will only become worse with time. Even a minor leak might indicate more severe harm.

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