Crawl Space Encapsulation Process in Your Area

In contrast to a basement, the majority of crawl spaces range in height from two feet to somewhere close to standing level. They can have a floor made of concrete, or they might have a floor made of dirt.

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Process of Crawl Space Encapsulation

Let us look at the process of encapsulating a crawl space -

Crawl space encapsulation process
  • The process of encapsulating your crawl space involves lining it with polyethylene that is designed for heavy-duty use. The polyethylene barrier will cover and seal the flooring, walls, and in some instances the roof of your crawl space. It will also protect against moisture.
  • This barrier is quite reminiscent of the liner that can be seen in certain residential swimming pools. The barrier parts are both sealed and connected using heavy-duty sealing tape.
  • Enclosing your crawl area can protect your property from being invaded by unwelcome insects and rodents as well as reduce the amount of damage caused by wetness.
  • During the construction of a home, crawl spaces may be a time and cost saver due to their underground location. The use of a crawl space eliminates the need for a flat concrete surface throughout the construction process. The heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment may also be installed in crawl areas.

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