Crawl Space Conversion Process in Your Area

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Crawl Space Conversion Process

Our Crawl Space Conversion Process

It will be necessary to make structural changes to a crawl space in order to convert it from a ventilated crawl space to a closed crawl space. These structural changes will include closing vents and installing a sealed vapor barrier on the crawl space floor. This moisture barrier is extended all the way up to the structure's internal foundation walls. It is necessary to deal with any and all sources of water or moisture. Additionally, we may choose to insulate the foundation walls on the inside of certain houses. If you are going to encapsulate and install a vapor barrier, we believe that it is very necessary to insulate the crawl space.

Benefits of Crawl Space Conversion Process

Benefits of Crawl Space Conversion Process

The benefits are given below-

  • A conversion gives a great amount of additional living and storage space.
  • Adding a basement increases your return on investment. Selling your property for more money than you paid for it! The return ranges from 100 to 130% of the initial expenditure.
  • Basements are a selling point for homes. It's especially nice to have a completed basement that's completely dry.

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