Foundation Problems Due to Sloping Floors

If you have a crawl space and the floors above are sloping, you may have a foundation problem in your crawl space. Crawl space jacks can address the foundation problems due to sloping floors. At My Crawlspace Pros, we offer a sloping floor repair service to prevent foundation damage.

We also offer other services like crawlspace waterproofing, crawlspace repair, encapsulation, dehumidification, and other crawlspace problems handled by the diligent contractors of My Crawlspace Pros. If you need sloping floor repair services, you can call us anytime at 844-416-2024 for further information.

Slooping floors

What Are the Risks of Sloping Floors?

There are risks associated with sloping floors, which can cause so many problems in your house.

  • Damage to the home’s structure:

    Structural damage to a home’s foundation can cause the home to sink into the ground or cause crawl space moisture. The result is weakened support beams, foundation cracks, and damage to surrounding areas, resulting in a sloping floor.

  • Trip and Fall Hazards:

    When a person rips because their foot catches on a floor area that is higher than expected, serious injury can result. These types of trip and fall accidents can easily happen when a home has uneven floor levels caused by excess moisture attacking the subfloor.

  • Damage to the flooring materials:

    Water entering through the home’s crawlspace or cracks caused by foundation problems will eventually make its way into the home's subfloor and flooring material. The result can be floors that sag, feel soft under your feet, or buckle.

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