Closed Crawl Space Ventilation Service

Closed Crawl Space Ventilation Service

Humidity and moisture problems in your crawl space are caused by outside air, which raises energy expenses for homeowners. However, a multitude of conditions in your crawl space might cause moisture difficulties. A crawl space encapsulation will help to secure your foundation even further. Closed vents are required for crawl space encapsulation to work. If your crawl space isn't properly sealed off from the outside air, the entire system could be affected. Open vents produce a lot of moisture, condensation, and humidity, which is bad for your house's foundation.

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Why Should You Close Your Crawl Space?

Closed Crawl Space

When the temperature drops, cooler air is vented into the crawl space, leading the above floors to become chilly as well, forcing the heating system to work harder to maintain the desired level of comfort.

Another typical issue caused by exposed vents is water leakage. This could result in flooding in the crawl space, as well as providing a fertile ground for mold and dampness.

Open vents are also unintentionally welcoming indicators for outside pests such as bugs, rats, and other pests. If insects create their home in your crawl space, they could cause major damage to any wooden components and threaten the house's structural rigidity.

The best approach is to cover those crawl space vents with vent covers and close them.

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