Crawl Space Conversion 

A crawl space, being the unoccupied and unfinished narrow space between the ground and the first floor of a building, has only enough room to crawl for a person. Apart from providing easy access to electrical wires, pipes and ductwork, this space can not be of any other use. On the other hand, when you convert this place into a basement or room, you can attain an additional area that can provide much better space than the crawlspace could ever do.

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Can I Convert My Crawl Space into A Basement?

Crawl Space Conversion

If you are wondering whether you can convert your crawl space into a basement or not, the answer is 'YES' you can. However, it isn't a DIY project that you can do on your own. It needs professional help as an enormous amount of work is required to complete this massive project. The foundation of your structure will need to be supported and extended. If a small amount of mistake is done in the process or if the foundation is damaged, the whole establishment will collapse. Therefore, instead of even thinking of doing it on your own, simply click here and find suitable contractors near you to do the job for you. All of our enlisted contractors are background-checked and certified. 

Why Should I Convert My Crawlspace?

  • Additional Space
  • Elimination of Extra Moisture
  • Longer Lifespan of The Foundation
  • Better Air Quality
  • Better Functional Space
  • Increased Property Value
Crawl Space Conversion foundation piers

How Crawl Space Conversion is Done?

The conversion process of a crawlspace can vary depending on many criteria. However, typically the following steps are followed:

  • Marking out the boundaries 
  • Supporting any foundation piers
  • Digging the soil out of the crawlspace and making space for a basement 
  • Pouring a concrete slab for the basement floor. 
  • Adding stair and lighting 
  • Finishing the basement 

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