Prevent Water Leaks in Crawl Space

Crawl space provides access to plumbing and electrical wiring but is prone to moisture and leaks. The primary source of water is the humid outside air that escapes through the ventilated concrete walls. Some leaks are easy to fix, and some are not.

Do you have a musty odor, mold, wood-rotting fungi, or weakening floors? The crawl space may require significant repairs. My Crawlspace Pros can screen and connects you with a team of crawl space repair experts who will handle your inquiries quickly and efficiently. In addition, they will focus on solving current problems and avoiding future issues. For example, after removing water from the crawl space, they can install a dehumidifier to prevent further damage if required.

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When Do You Have a Water Leak?

Water leak in the crawl space comes from the following sources:

Extreme Humidity

When the humidity level exceeds 50%, there are many problems with the crawl space can occur. If proper actions are not taken to preserve this space, mold can increase, and everyone in the house can get sick. Vents and cracks in the walls worsen the condition because these openings allow more moist air to enter the room. In addition, concrete is porous by nature. It may be the cause that moisture can penetrate the crawl space through the walls.

Pipelines leaks

Water supply, drain, and sewer pipes pass through the landing site. However, since this space is unprotected, these pipes can easily rupture without the user's knowledge. Sudden pipe rupture can cause flooding, and sewer rupture can cause serious health problems.


Heavy rains can cause water to collect on driveways, lawns, or around homes in rainy months. The drainage system may not be able to handle large amounts of water. It allows excess moisture to enter the crawl space.

Prevent Losing Your Home to A Wet Crawl Space

In most cases, problems in the crawl space can be caused by unwanted moisture. Moisture can invade your crawl space in several ways. Therefore, you need skilled professionals to evaluate vents, walls, exposed soil, or even high humidity. Whatever the source, you can't ignore the moisture in your crawl space—long-term damage due to water damage. So we have to solve all the problems as quickly as possible.

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