Sinking & Uneven Floor Repair

Sinking & Uneven Floor Repair

You may have observed areas where your floor seems to be sinking and uneven if you have a crawlspace beneath your home. While this problem is unpleasant, it is more important to understand that there are structural issues in your crawlspace that you are unaware of. This can lead to issues that are more serious than an uneven floor, such as jammed doors and cracks in the flooring and doorways. If you're like most people, your crawlspace is the last place on your mind when it comes to home improvement projects. If you've seen any of the above problems in your house, it's time to get to the bottom of them and find a long-term solution.

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Causes of Sinking and Uneven Floors:

Causes of Sinking and Uneven Floors

It's critical to identify the source of your sinking, uneven floors. Sinking and uneven flooring can be caused by a variety of factors-

  • A pier of support has been established.
  • The foundation has become stable.
  • The girder beam or floor joists are drooping and bowing.
  • It's possible that the joists or beams are rotten.
  • Compression can occur when damp joists or beams are squeezed by the weight of the house.

To correctly fix the uneven floors and make them feel more even, we apply a variety of repair solutions. The major goal should be to keep the ship from sinking any farther.

Fix Your Sinking and Uneven Floors with My Crawlspace Pros

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