Sealing Vents of Crawl Space

Many homeowners might not realize it but sealing vents or crawl space is essential for healthy living. The air we breathe in comes mainly from our crawl space. So to keep the air healthy, we need to seal the vents of the crawl space properly, or else we might have to suffer from various health issues. Vents were once considered to be essential to let air and moisture escape the crawl space freely. It's been proven through time that letting air easily flow out of and into your crawl area is harmful to your home's internal air quality.

If the vents of your crawl space are not sealed yet, then don't wait any longer, as this will only harm you in the long run. Not only health issues, but this could affect your HVAC because to keep the heat intact, your HVAC would have to work harder, which would affect your system's performance. Moreover, the longevity of your system would also lessen. So click here to contact professionals of My Crawlspace Pros, or you can also dial 844-416-2024 to know more information!

Reason for Vent Sealing

There are many reasons why you need to seal vents of your crawl space. Here are some of them:

Reduced energy cost- Cold air may infiltrate your crawl space vents in the winter, resulting in icy surfaces. In addition to the cold surfaces can also lead to drafts, requiring you to turn up the heat to compensate for the cold. But this will increase the bill as you will be using your heater more.

Prevention of Rodent inhabitation- Rodents searching for a haven will infiltrate via your vents and nest in your insulation. They wreak havoc on your insulation as they build their nests and multiply.

These rats not only destroy your insulation but also leave droppings behind. The very thought of mold, mildew, rodents and rodent droppings festering in your crawl space should be enough reason to want to seal your vents.

Moisture damage- When warm, humid air enters your vents and collides with colder surfaces in your crawl space, such as the dirt or slab floor and cold air ducts, condensation forms. This causes mold and mildew to grow, which is harmful not only to your health but also to the structural integrity of your house, your insulation, and any possessions you may have stored nearby.

Choose Contractors of My Crawlspace Pros Sealing Vents

The dedicated contractors at My Crawlspace Pros tackle crawlspace waterproofing, crawlspace repair, encapsulation, dehumidification, and other crawlspace issues. These contractors are experts in their field and are well-versed in it. You may locate reliable and local contractors in your area by clicking on the link.
You may locate reliable and local contractors in your area by clicking on the link. Please call us at 844-416-2024 if you need further information, and you may also join our network of contractors by simply clicking here.