Encapsulation of Crawl Space Vent Fan

Outside air is generally the most effective and most efficient way to dry crawl space. Vent fans are used in crawl spaces to draw air from outside to keep the air fresh and dry beneath the home. Vent fans mitigate the damp and odor-ridden crawl space with fresh air. But vent fans may create problems for you.

If you have a dirt floor crawl space and keep your vents open throughout the year, the floor will become a never-ending source of moisture. Moreover, crawl space vent fans can be the gateway for pests and bugs to your home. So encapsulation of crawl space vent fans can be a solution for your problem.

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Concerns with Crawl Space Vent Fans

Crawl space vent fans are used to circulate fresh air. But these ventilators can be harmful to the property for several issues. The under-mentioned issues can be a matter of concern for you.

  • Crawl space moisture
  • Water coming in from outside
  • An opening for pests and bugs
  • Stack effect

Benefits of Encapsulating Crawl Space Vent Fan

If you are still confused to encapsulate your crawl space vent fan, knowing some benefits may convince you to take the service. By encapsulating a crawl space vent fan, you can

  • Improve air quality
  • Protect your home from mold
  • Reduce energy cost
  • Make your home more comfortable
  • Avoid structural damage
  • Keep pests and bugs out

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